Monday, November 29, 2010

What Do You See?

I've realised today that I don't much appreciate being thought of as "young".

StudyLink won't recognise the fact I'm in a relationship until I'm 24, even though by then I'll have been married for three years by then.
I don't like the look that some people give me if I say I'm getting married at 21.
And yet I feel so much older than my 20 years. I don't take notice of my age anymore. If I go to tell someone my age, I automatically go to say that I'm 21, and have to remind myself that I'm not 21 yet.
The next oldest student in my ice skating class is about 16, and I feel quite old when I think about that and the fact that I'm about a year older than my coach.
This stage of my journey in life seems to be a middle ground, hanging between Uni and an internship; engaged and married; the path I was on and the path I'm heading towards.
I feel so much older than everyone seems to think of me.

So when you look at me, what do you see?

1 comment:

  1. i had a wee chuckle when you said "i dont like the look some people give me when i say i'm getting married at 21" im sure 19 got more than quite a few looks. it also got my parents refusing to show up although most of them did eventually come. i feel old too. im already thinking about babies and latham keeps having to remind me that im only 20 and i still have a year of tech left (minimum)

    i see a beautiful confident woman of God who is totally head over heals fairytale in love. (dont get cocky. there is always a villan in fairytales. aka mr arguments and mr disrespect)