Saturday, November 13, 2010

Time for some hard work

Ok, so it’s almost 5 in the morning, and I’m having what I can only hope is not the first of many unsettled nights. It seems that just when I’ve begun to get things sorted out, I’ve made some big decisions; something decided that I wasn’t allowed to make them that easily. Go figure.
Anyway, the biggest decision I’ve made lately was to commit to doing an internship at Southlife. I’ll probably spend just as much time there next year as I have this year, while I was “pretending” to be one! It took a while to decide what I was going to do an internship in too. I knew that it would be with Create (the graphic design and video team at our church), but I wasn’t sure what else to do it with. I ended up tossing up between admin and Kidzmin (children’s ministry for those of you not up on the lingo).
For the record, I've chosen to work with the Epic kids (year 5 and 6) as well as Create.
So that’s my plan next year. Oh, you know, along with plan a wedding, get married... nothing much...

Anyway, we had our first official wedding meeting thing this week. Our photographer came into church to have a meeting with us about what we thought might be happening. He’s an amazing guy, and was the photographer for Southern Cross Kids Camp last year. He said quite a few helpful things to us, but one thing in particular struck me. “I commend you guys for doing this. These days, with lots of people just moving in together... good on you.” I realised that in fact what we are doing isn’t the norm for most people. They will move in together, not worry about such things, and get married when they get around to it. (My other half has been reading this over my shoulder before I post it, and interjected that his manager at work has done exactly that. Just gotten engaged as well, but has said “yeah, we’ll get married at some point. We’re going to focus on getting a deposit on a house first.”). I’d not really thought about it until now, the fact that the way we are going about things is so out of the ordinary.

Official wedding things seem to have jumped into gear now that I’ve finished Uni for the year. I struggled to get all the engagement party thank-you notes written, but they are saved safely on my computer, waiting for Monday or Tuesday when we can go and get them printed, and then sent out. I fell rotten for taking so long to get them out, but exams came first, and I hope that people understand that.

An amazing friend of mine (who is also my fiancé’s younger sister) helped to find a pattern that is very close to my imagined wedding dress, and so she has now re-made the mock-up of the dress.
I went to Spotlight the other day to look for fabric with my mum and my grandma. We came out with the pattern that my friend had found, as well as the fabric for the lining and the very outer layer. Grandma sorted out my measurements, and it has been decided that I need to start doing sit-ups. The problem is, I *seriously* lack the motivation to do sit-ups. Maybe I can just diet? I’m not a gym person, so suggesting that is just silly.

So, any ideas, everyone out there?


  1. walk up and down baldwin street once a day and when it gets too easy start running up and down it haha

  2. @Tink Well, I'm sure that would be a brilliant idea if I didn't live up such a huge hill! Not sure how cycling has the same effect as sit ups though, I hear it's my waist measurement that's not quite small enough.

    @Tiffany Haha you're funny... Want to come and join me?